Why I Chose To Design My Own Engagement Ring Online

Design My Own Engagement Ring OnlineMy boyfriend and I were talking about getting married one day. We always stopped in the jewelry stores in the mall to look at the rings they had there. I was never really enthused with the selection of rings and I always thought of designing my own so it would be unique.

After talking about getting engaged and getting married, I wanted to start looking at rings so I could give him a good idea of what I wanted. I could either let him design it or I could help him and get exactly what I wanted. We both decided that since I am the one that will be wearing it, I get to choose how it looks.

I went online and started looking at different jewelry websites. The prices seemed higher than what we had looked at in the stores. I started looking for other websites that allow you to design your own ring. That’s when I came across a website that not only offers diamond rings you can design on your own, but also cubic zirconia and sapphire too. You can design your ring with whatever gemstone you choose.

After looking through what they offer and the different designs and pricing on the different stones, I decided not to get a diamond. I could get the exact ring I wanted for alot cheaper, if I got a different stone. I didn’t want my boyfriend to be out alot of money for a ring and thought this was a better option. I wanted to have more money to spend on our wedding.

I showed my boyfriend what I wanted and how much it would cost to get. He told me to go ahead and order whichever one I wanted. There were so many designs to choose from and such a large selection. I had one ring designed that I knew I wanted, then started looking at other ones. I was overwhelmed with the options available.

I ended up deciding on one ring I designed. It was really unique and it was just the right size stone. I didn’t want something that looked too big on my little finger. I placed my order and couldn’t wait to get my new ring.

I got it within a week and showed it to my boyfriend. He really thought it was something special. He asked me if I would go ahead and start wearing it and we could start planning our wedding. It made me so happy and I couldn’t wait. The ring fit perfectly and I am glad I designed it myself.

We are going to get married in less than 6 months and I am so happy with the engagement ring. I even went back to the website to order my wedding band and one for my boyfriend too. I can’t wait to get married to him and spend the rest of my life being his wife. Hopefully we will have children someday too.